Play Piano with Computer Keyboard – Download Electronic Piano Music Software

Free Electronic Piano is a music software that instantly turns your computer keyboard into a piano. Electronic Piano emulates an electronic musical keyboard on your computer, using each keystroke of your PC keyboard to produce a different musical sound.

This free piano software supports a wide range of different music sound styles like any other physical keyboard or synthesizer like the notes of a guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, harmonica, violin, cello etc.

Key Features of the Free Electronic Piano Music Software

  • instantly convert your PC keyboard into a piano
  • use PC keyboard to create music notes like a synthesizer
  • simulate wide variety of musical notes like guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, harmonica, violin, cello and a lot more
  • create special sound effects like typewriter, helicopter, applause, gun shot, drums etc
  • create mixed music by combining up to 7 different musical instruments

This free music software converts your PC into a MIDI digital keyboard & lets you play a wide variety of tunes on your computer.It is released as an open source software & is still under development. This free PC to Piano converter software is ideal for keyboard enthusiasts simply because of its ease of use & the wide variety of musical instruments it can simulate with your desktop keyboard.…

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Download Free Music & Videos from 16 MP3 Search Engines – Download Songr Free Music Software

Songr is a free music software that could search for music, songs, lyrics on 16 different MP3 search engines & download your favorite songs & videos. This free desktop music software aggregates search results from the popular music search engines & lets you download or play the selected songs automatically.

In addition to music, songs and lyrics, Songr can also download HQ & HD videos from YouTube & extract audio tracks as MP3 files.

Top Features of the Free Songr Music Searching & Downloading Software

  • free MP3 music search & download software for songs & videos
  • search & aggregate song search result from 16 top music search engines
  • search songs by lyrics
  • download HD videos from YouTube
  • rip audio tracks from YouTube videos
  • integrated with Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and Zune to pay & download song labels

Once you have selected a music or a video from the search results, you can play them instantly on your default media player like Windows Media Player. A handy “preview” function lets you listen to a sample of the music or video before you download them.

If any of the selected music or videos are available for paid downloads from Amazon or Rhapsody, you can buy the song instantly from a downloadable link provided with such files. This is a completely free software for searching music & videos on the top MP3 search engines & works only on Windows computers now but Linux & Apple OS X versions of this software could be released soon.…

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Create Music DJ Playlists from BPM & Song Frequency – Download GJay Music Software Free

GJay is a free Music DJ playlist maker for amateur DJs. Unlike other random playlist creators, this free music DJ software analyzes the BPM & the frequency of each of the audio files to create a playlist of songs of similar tempo.

GJay analyzes the music files in a background batch process & converts the audio files into raw data. This decompression of audio files provides a very accurate understanding of its tempo & the audio frequency causing a very accurate playlist of songs of similar mood.

Top Features of the Free BPM & Frequency Based Music PLylist Creator

  • free song list maker for DJs from collection of MP3, WAV or OGG audio files
  • powerful BPM & frequency analysis algorithm for very accurate playlist of songs with similar tempo
  • decompresses the original music files to produce high quality sound output
  • difficult to export playlists to other music players

GJay creates song playlists based on both automatically analyzed song characteristics (BPM, frequency) as well as user-assigned categorizations (song ‘color’ and rating). This free music DJ playlist maker is an open source music software & is released under GPL.

Currently GJay Playlist Maker works only on Linus based computers but development is underway to produce a version for Apple Mac OS X too.…

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