Play Piano with Computer Keyboard – Download Electronic Piano Music Software

Free Electronic Piano is a music software that instantly turns your computer keyboard into a piano. Electronic Piano emulates an electronic musical keyboard on your computer, using each keystroke of your PC keyboard to produce a different musical sound.

This free piano software supports a wide range of different music sound styles like any other physical keyboard or synthesizer like the notes of a guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, harmonica, violin, cello etc.

Key Features of the Free Electronic Piano Music Software

  • instantly convert your PC keyboard into a piano
  • use PC keyboard to create music notes like a synthesizer
  • simulate wide variety of musical notes like guitar, trumpet, bass, organ, harmonica, violin, cello and a lot more
  • create special sound effects like typewriter, helicopter, applause, gun shot, drums etc
  • create mixed music by combining up to 7 different musical instruments

This free music software converts your PC into a MIDI digital keyboard & lets you play a wide variety of tunes on your computer.It is released as an open source software & is still under development. This free PC to Piano converter software is ideal for keyboard enthusiasts simply because of its ease of use & the wide variety of musical instruments it can simulate with your desktop keyboard.

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