Create Music DJ Playlists from BPM & Song Frequency – Download GJay Music Software Free

GJay is a free Music DJ playlist maker for amateur DJs. Unlike other random playlist creators, this free music DJ software analyzes the BPM & the frequency of each of the audio files to create a playlist of songs of similar tempo.

GJay analyzes the music files in a background batch process & converts the audio files into raw data. This decompression of audio files provides a very accurate understanding of its tempo & the audio frequency causing a very accurate playlist of songs of similar mood.

Top Features of the Free BPM & Frequency Based Music PLylist Creator

  • free song list maker for DJs from collection of MP3, WAV or OGG audio files
  • powerful BPM & frequency analysis algorithm for very accurate playlist of songs with similar tempo
  • decompresses the original music files to produce high quality sound output
  • difficult to export playlists to other music players

GJay creates song playlists based on both automatically analyzed song characteristics (BPM, frequency) as well as user-assigned categorizations (song ‘color’ and rating). This free music DJ playlist maker is an open source music software & is released under GPL.

Currently GJay Playlist Maker works only on Linus based computers but development is underway to produce a version for Apple Mac OS X too.

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